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Author Award Illustrator Award
2001 Miracle's Boys Jacqueline Woodson
2000 Uptown Bryan Collier
1999 Heaven by Angela Johnson i see the rhythm ,ill. by  Michele Wood
Text by Toyomi Igus
1998 Forged by Fire by Sharon M. Draper In Daddy's Arms I am Tall: African Americans Celebrating Fathers ill. by Javaka Steptoe
Text by Alan  Schroeder
1997 Slam by Walter Dean Myers Minty: A Story of Young Harriet Tubman, ill. by Jerry Pickney
Text by Alan Schroeder
1996 Her Stories by Virginia Hamilton The Middle Passage: White Ships Black Cargo by Tom Feelings
1995 Chrismas in the Big House, Christmas in the Quarters by Particia C. & Frederick L. McKissack The Creation, ill. by James Ransome
Text by James Weldon Johnson
1994 Toning the Sweep by Angela Johnson Soul Looks Back in Wonder, ill. by Tom Feelings;
Text edited by Phyllis Fogelman
1993 Dark Thirty: Southern Tales of the Supernatural by Patricia A. McKissak The Oring of Life on Earth: an African Creation Myth, ill. by Kathleen Atkins Wilson;
Retold by David A. Anderson/SANKOFA
1992 Now is Your Time: the African American Struggle for Freedom by Walter Dean Myers Tar Beach by Faith Ringgold
1991 The Road to Memphis by Mildred D. Taylor Aida, ill. by Leo and Diane Dillion
Text by Leontyne Price
1990 A Long Hard Journey: the Story of the Pullman Porter by Patricia C. & Frederick L. McKissack Nathaniel Talking, ill by Jan Spivey;
Text by Eloise Greenfield
1989 Fallen Angels by Walter Dean Myers Mirandy and Brother Wind, ill. by Jerry Pickney
Text by Patricia McKissack
1988 The Friendship by Mildred L. Taylor Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters: an African Tale by  John Steptoe
1987 Justin and the Best Biscuits in the World by Mildred Pitts Walter Half a Moon and One Whole Star, ill. by Jerry Pickney
Text by Crescent Dragonwagon
1986 The People Could Fly: American Black Folktales by Virginia Hamilton; ill. by Leo & Diane Killon The Patchwork Quilt, ill. by Jerry Pickney
Text by Valerie Flournoy
1985 Motown and Didi by Walter Dean Myers

No Award

1984 Everett Anderson's Good-bye by Lucille Clifton My Mama Needs Me, ill. by Pat Cummings
Text by Mildred Pitts Walter
1983 Sweet Whispers, Brother Rush Black Child by Peter Mugabane
1982 Let the Circle Be Unbroken by Mildred D. Taylor Mother Crocodile; an Amadou Tale from Senegal, ill. by John Steptoe
Text by Rosa Guy
1981 This Life by Sidney Poitier Beat the Story Drum, Pum-Pum by Ashley Bryan
1980 The Young Landlords by Walter Dean Myers Cornrows, ill. by Carole Bynard
Text by Camille Yarborough
1979 Escape to Freedom by Ossie Davis Something on My Mind, ill. by Tom Feelings
Text by Nikki Grimes
1978 Africa Dream by Eloise Greenfield, ill. by Carole Baynard African Dream, ill. by Carole Baynard
Text by Eloise Greenfield
1977 The Story of Stevie Wonder by James Haskins

No Award

1976 Duey's Tale by Pearl Bailey

No Award

1975 The Legend of Africana by Dorothy Robinson

No Award

1974 Ray Charles by Sharon Bell Mathis; ill. by George Ford Ray Charles, ill. by George Ford
Text by Shaorn Bell Mathis
1973 I Never Had It Made: the Autobiography of Jackie Robinson, as told to Alfred Duckett  
1972 17 Black Artist by Elton C. Fax  
1971 Black Troubador: Langston Hughes by Charleme Rollins  
1970 Martin Luther King, Jr.: Man of Peace by Lillie Patterson  



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