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Terrell County Public Library

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To receive announcements and events scheduled at the Terrell County Public Library and  to receive  an electronic  copy of the "Friendly News" Newsletter, join our mailing list by entering your email address below,  and then click the 'Join List' button:

Note:  The following links are provided as courtesy to our fellow book lovers, if you have any problems with any of these links, contact the web manager for that list. These are external links and we have no control of their contents, nor the quality of the lists.


How to subscribe to a Mailing List

  1.   Click one of the following links.
  2.   Type "subscribe [listname] your first name, your last name.  Ex.  subscribe love-l Jane Doe
  3.   For Majordomo do not include your name.

List Name:  Cherry Valley's Hand Picks
Description:  1-3 times monthly newsletter about children's books.  Most issues have a topical focus and recommend reading material on that topic, as well as brief reviews of books available.

List Name:  Fiction-L
Description:  This is an electronic mailing list devoted to Reader's Advisory concerns.  Some of  the topics discussed:  genre study, bibliographies, worshops, reading clubs, electronic resources and recommended vendors.  This list is aimed at librarians dealing with fiction collections.

List Name:   Rare Books
Description:  Discussions about rare and hard-to-find books and other literature.  While aimed at genealogist, any discussion of rare books is welcome.

List Name:  B-LIST
Description:  An interactive list on which people share their reading experiences, their favorite quotes from their favorite books and information on writers.

List Name:  BOOKNEWS
Description: A moderated information list, in which are published reviews of upcoming books, CD's and videos.

List Name:  DOROTHYL
Description: A discussion and idea list in digest form for the lovers of the mystery genre.  It was concocted by a group of women librarians at a July 1991 Washington, D.C. meeting of the Association of Research Libraries and named in honor of  on of the greatest  women mystery writers of the century, Dorothy L. Sayers.

List Name:   Fem-Biblio
Description:  List created for the discussion of books relating to women and/or spirituality.

List Name:  Fantasy
Description:  For the discussion of Fantasy books and their authors.  Anything that relates to fantasy is welcome for discussion, but the main topic is books.

List Name:  Ideas
Description:  Ideas is a mailing list devoted to discussion of the life changing ideas contained motivational books and tapes as well as other materials.

List Name:  Literary
Description:  LITERARY is an on-going discussion of books and authors.  Discussions usually center around, but are not limited to, American and English literature of the 19th and 20th centuries.  People often recommend good books that they've just read, sharing their enjoyment with a receptive audience.  People seeking information often find answers here, such as "What was that story in which..." or "who wrote the book in which..."  There is also book of the month discussions, in which members of the group agree to read a particular book and join in an on-going discussion.

List Name:  Michael Crichton
Description:  This is not a list, but a newsletter about Michael Crichton.  It talks about his books and books made into movies.  The newsletter comes out every Friday or Saturday.

List Name:  NATLIT-LIT
Description:  Purpose is to dicuss books and other resource materials pertaining to nature, environmental science, and outdoor activities

List Name:  Netiquette
Description:  This list is devoted to network etiquette, the informal set of rules, civilities, and social graces that have evolved in cyberspace, the do's and don'ts of online behavior.

List Name:  PREZHIST
Description:  Presidential History Forum is for the discussion of the history, politics, campaigns and lives of the US Presidents from 1789 to 1992.  This list is un-moderated.  The list is not restricted to just these aspects of the Presidency of the United States, but can also discuss books, art, literature and families of the Presidents, or anything else pertaining to this general topic.

List Name:  ROOTS-L
Description:  For the discussion of genealogy-related issues, including tools, techniques, and requests for information on genealogical research.  The list may also be helpful in doing the research by sharing information on specific ancestors, cooperative research, etc.  Monthly public notebooks are kept.

List Name:  The Bookgroup List
Description:  For further details visit the list owners site at .


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