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Holding:  Calhoun (CA), Clay (CL), Randolph (RA), Terrell (TE), Webster (WE), Kinchafoonee Regional in Audiovisuals (KI).  Note:  The Terrell County Branch houses the Regional Video Collection.



*Book Video
Baby of the Family CA, RA, TE  
Cold Sassy Tree CA, CL, RA, TE, WE CL, KI
The Color Purple RA, WE  
Deliverance CA, CL, RA, TE  
Ecology of a Cracker CA, CL, RA, TE  
Gone with the Wind CA, CL, RA, TE,  WE KI, RA
A Good Man is Hard to Find TE  
An Hour Before Daylight CA, RA, TE, WE  
The Library Dragon CL, RA, TE, WE  
Lighthouse CL, RA, TE, WE  
The Member of the Wedding CA, CL, RA, TE, KI
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil CA, CL, RA, TE, WE CA, CL, KI
Peachtree Road CA, CL, RA, TE  
Praying for Sheetrock CL, RA, TE, WE  
The Prince of Tides RA, TE, WE KI
Run With the Horsemen CL, RA, TE, WE  
The Souls of Black folk TE  
A Testament of Hope:  The essential writings of Martin Luther King, Jr. TE  
Tobacco Road CA, CL, RA, TE  
To Dance with the White Dog CL,  RA, TE, WE KI
Walking with the Wind CL  
What Looks Like Crazy on an Ordinary Day CA, CL, RA, TE, WE  

* includes Audio Books


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