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There are several things wrong in the following paragraph, but if you know your storybook characters, you'll be able to figure them out.  Write the correct spelling on the lines below.

     Ramona Qimber sighed as she saw her sister, Binky, coming down the street.  She was hoping it would be her friend, Poppi Longstockings.  They was going to play with her new Paddleton Bear.  "Oh, well, she thought, "at least I can watch Snow White and the Six Dwarfs on television."

    She ran into the house to watch, but the movie would not be on for hours, so she picked up her Winnie-the-Fooh bear and  and went outside.  In her yard, she saw Henry Hugget's dog, Rugsby.  She played with him until dinner.  After dinner she read Charlene's Web.  When it was time for bed, her mother read her one of her favorite books...Mother Geese Nursery Rhymes.

1.   6.
2.   7.
3.   8.
4. I   9.

Check your answers!


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