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April Fun

We Love You, Beverly Cleary

One of the most popular authors of children's books is Beverly Cleary, who was born April 12, 1916.  Millions of children read and enjoy her books everyday.  For this activity, you must match some of Beverly Cleary's characters with what they did.

Ellen Tebbets   A. Hid behind the trash cans at school because there was a substitute teacher
Ramona   B. Helped Zachary Taylor High School win a football game by tripping the runner
Beezus   C. Found boxes of bubble gum in some weeds
Ribsy   D. Had a fight with a wig
Henry   E. Spoiled a science experiment but was given the rat to take home
Otis Spofford   F. Got his come-uppance when someone took his shoes and boots while he was ice skating
Socks   G. Had his motorcycle broken when he went to school
Ralph   H. Made a bid for a bicycle that Henry did not like

Check your answers!


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