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Disclaimer Notice for Dal graphics

This copyright concerns the graphics on this site concerning the graphics copied from the Dodi & Miro site.  If  you  decide to use the graphics copied from their site , you must abide by the owner's guidelines, which are listed  in the copyright notice below.  If you have any questions, please contact the owner.

Graphics copied from the Dodi & Miro Site:


Dodi & Miro Site

 Unless the graphic says otherwise, it is my original artwork. Only the images on the Free Graphics pages are o.k. to use. Anything else on the site, including heading graphics/animations, are copyrighted and strictly off limits. The images are not be used for commercial purposes nor are they to be used on "gallery" type sites (sites that have free graphics to download). Dalmatian clubs may use the artwork for their web sites/newsletters as long as the artist- Maryann Augustinus - is acknowledged. The animations and dal graphics are FREE for use on non-profit web pages and personal homepages. The free graphics are not to be used on commercial sites, or publications, nor are they to be used on any sites that are x-rated, or are linked to x-rated sites.  

Site established Oct 1996.

Copyright 2001- Dodie and Miro



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