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Local Newspaper Offers A Reflection On Library's History

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From The Dawson Journal

Local library officials also offered another newspaper article indicating that Terrell County's "first library" was founded in Dawson in 1878.  Following is the text of that story.

"On May 3, 1878, the first Library Association in Dawson was formed at the Courthouse with the following officers elected:  A.J. Baldwin, president;  W.H. Harper, vice-president; J.G. Parks, treasurer, U.I. Weston, secretary, J.D. Hoyl,  C.R. Moore and J.H. Guerry were directors.

A committee to solicit members was appointed as follows: R.R. Simmons, W.B. Cheatam, M.H. Baldwin, Mrs. J.H. Guerry, Misses Alice Farnum and Carrie Parks.  In The Dawson Journal we find this:
"The great moral and temperance dram entitled "The Battle" will be presented to get funds to procure a Library.  The good ladies are assisting - May 11, 1871.  The Excelsior Debating Society held at the Masonic Hall, subject:  "Is The Education of Man More Important Than That of Woman."  Object - to raise money for Library.  Net proceeds were $35.00.

Carnegie Library Building was built of brick in 1914, costing $10,000.  Municipality gave the lot and agreed to maintain the building.  Here is the county seat of knowledge where those of leisure can communicate with the most brilliant minds of the different period of progress. 

First librarian was Miss Fannie (Pet) Cheatham, beginning in 1914.

A County Library

This project was accomplished with the aid of the federal government under WPA.  Many people throughout the county now have access to good reading and reference books from the bookmobile which has a schedule for each community.

Regional Library

Mrs. Claude Rutherford, using her Ford care as a Bookmobile under the WPA, began the county library service.  The Ford people made a Bookmobile out of a pickup truck.  Mrs. Rutherford gave up the work in 1941.

Mrs. Grady Crowe and Mrs. Pearl Dozier were her successors for a little more than a year.  The WPA discontinued the work and the Terrell County Commissioner took it over in 1941 with Mrs. Dozier as librarian.  She was in charge until 1905.  Then in 1951, the County Commissioners authorized the service again, and in 1953, the city, County Commissioners and Board of Education made it possible to have a Tri-County Regional Library cooperating with Calhoun.  Six months later, Lee County joined.  The state Library Board furnishes books and three trained librarians.  Mr. J.C. Duke's Estate made a gift of lovely new bookmobile.


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