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From The Terrell County Librarian. . .

By Claudia Copeland

I know how fortunate I am to earn a living at a job that I truly enjoy.  And to be able to work in such a beautiful building is almost too good to be true.  Sometimes that is exaclty what it seems, just too good to be true.  There were times when I thought the dream of a beautiful new library for Terrell County would never come true.  But it did.  I only hope that it will be all things we promised it would be for the people of this area.

I know there is no way to be all things to all people, but I so want this library to be as much as it can be to as many as possible.  The potential is here, but it will not be realized if people do not use the library's resources.  In addition to books, magazines and videos for loan, we have access to the Internet, computers for public use, inter-library loan services, and excellent genealogy collection, a meeting room, an on-line catalog, distance learning capabilities, children's programming, a copy machine, and fax machine.





I could not discuss the library without mentioning the Friends organization. I am not sure how we could operate without them.  They have already given us over $6,000 for books and just this month gave $2,500 to purchase CD ROM products.  Several of these Friends are regular volunteers and others always help

When I call on them, which is often.  In addition to the Friends and volunteers, I have a loyal and dedicated staff.  Everyone of them worked eight straight days when we were moving.

I hope the people of this area appreciate their beautiful new library and that it will be a source of great pride to all of us for many years to come.  When people come to the library seeking information or entertainment, I want them to find a special place, a place they enjoy using and want to return to again and again.









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