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From The Terrell County Library Board Of Trustee. . .

Frank Drapalik

The new library facility will add another dimension to the quality of life in Terrell County.

The Staff, consisting of the professional librarians, full and part-time employees and volunteers, will continue to provide friendly services to all members of the public.

We provide the children, youth and adults of Terrell County access to first class resources necessary for an ever changing world.

Hopefully, we can in the near future, develop a program designed for those over 50 years of age.

All of our plans are of no value unless they are used by the citizens of the community.

I encourage everyone in the community to visit their new library and to use its resources.








Phil Smith
Vice Chairman

A special thanks to the Terrell County Board of Commissioners for providing the matching funds which allowed us to build a new library.

The staff, Friends of the Library, and volunteers also deserve a special thanks for the hard work in making the move to the new building.

No longer do we have to contend with flooded basements; lack of access for the handicapped; ceilings falling in; or lack of parking.  Those of us who care about the library truly appreciate this new facility  This new building advertises, quite well I think, our community's commitment to its citizens of all ages.

The library offers something for everyone in the community including books, films, programs for children,  computers with access to the Internet, and a very nice meeting room.

If you don't use the library, please come out and look it over. You might find that your tax d

dollars have been spent on something that can be quite rewarding.




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