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From The Terrell County Library Board Of Trustee. . .

Clora Williams
Board Member


Serving as a member of the Board of Trustees for the Terrell County Public Library has been a rewarding experience thus far.  I served as a Media Specialist for 30 plus years for Middle and High School students of Terrell  County and I feel that my open-mindedness as well as my interest in the public library will help me fulfill my duties to all of the citizens of Terrell County.

We know that the library is a place for guidance, assistance and stimulation as well as being accessible to everyone. It has needed media, as well as a dedicated staff.  The building is attractive, comforting and very interesting.  For no-users, please take a tour and see for yourself the many offerings it has.

Moving, shelving books and other duties were hard work but I feel very humble each time I walk in and view the many users of all ages and ethnic groups enjoying the many pieces of media that the library has.

Having served on the building committee, as well as one of the organizers and members of Friends of the Library, I had an opportunity to meet with the architects and designer and help make decisions on the structure, colors and furniture.  As we continue to meet, set goals and priorities and recommend methods and processes to make this new structure a boom for the entire community, I feel much pride and humility.











Martha Spurlock
Board Member

At the groundbreaking of our wonderful new library building, a speaker remarked that one way to judge a community was to take a good look at the communitiy;s library.  By that standard, our community is in great shape because our library certainly is.

I am so proud of it.

There is room for our large book collection, for the VCR tapes and computers and for the genealogy section which is recognized as outstanding in Southwest Georgia.

In addition there are places for children's programs, art displays, for reading and research, meetings and the important offices and storage.  It is functional and attractive and managed by a capable and dedicated staff.  The library has the valued support of a well-organized group, "Friends," which makes contributions of money, work, time and good will.

I love the old library building, and i hope it will be preserved and be an asset to the community in some way.  However, the current library materials and collection had outgrown the building.














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