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Time Table

Kinchafoonee Regional Library/Terrell County Library Project


March - Pre-Application to the State

April - Building Program sent to state

November 19 - Notified State project postponed due to failure to secure local funds


March - Pre-Application to the State

November - Notified State again Project postponed due to failure to secure local funds


February - Notification from Bobby Hanner that State construction money set aside for Terrell Project had been held over by the State from previous year, and the monies were still available for the project-$960,000

February - Terrell County Commissioners agreed to fund the local match of $312, 283

March - Pre-Application to the State

May - Draft Grant Application and revised Building Program was sent to the State

July - Line Survey

August - Final site application and attorney's certificate of clear title to the land

September - Final grant application and local intent of funding sent to State

October - Building Committee established

December - Approval by Office of Planning & Budget and Governor's Office


January - Interviewed six architects and selected Ellis Rickett & Associates, Valdosta

February - Final approval by General Assembly and Govenor award letter of $960,000

  February - Signed architect's contract

March - Typographical survey

August - Schematic Design was approved by the State and the Regional/local board

October - Design Development submittals approved by State and the Regional/local board.


January - Working drawings for the project were approved by State and Regional/local board

February - Bids were advertised for construction

March - Bid was awarded to Kinney Construction of Albany

May 23 - Groundbreaking Ceremony

August - Framing completed on the building, and preliminary plumbing and electrical work completed

November - Bids were advertised for the furnishing and equipment


June 2 - Certificate of substantial completion sent to State

June 9-10 - Moved the Regional Headquarters to the new building

June 21-28 - Moved the Terrell County Public Library to the new building

June 30 - Opening Day in the new KRL/Terrell County Library Building

September 14 - Dedication of the new Library - 3:00 p.m. Sunday afternoon




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