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Arline Hufstetler


  Arline has been a faithful weekly volunteer for some time and in addition to helping each week, she also helps with special events and activities.  Arline works each Monday morning from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.  manning the circulation desk.  Formerly Arline Sheftick from Torrance, California, she moved to Dawson in 1988, when she married Jack Hufstetler.  Arline is retired from Pacific Bell Telephone Company and is very active in local civic and service organizations.  In July, 19__ she was selected to serve on the Executive Board of the Friends of the Library and has served each year since. 

In a year's time Arline logs over 1,000 volunteer hours at the library.  Since Terrell County Library has a very limited public service staff, the dedication and efficiency of a dependable volunteer like this is greatly appreciated.





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